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Which areas do you cover for 4G and 5G?

I can find Three Broadband at my postcode, but my address isn’t showing in the option list. Why is this?

It say’s on your website that you don't have coverage in my area, but my neighbours in the building use your service. Why can't I?

I used to be able to get Three Broadband at my address, but now I can't. Why is this?

I'm in a rental property, can I still get Three Broadband?

I just moved into a property and one of your hubs is here. Can I start using it today?

If I get a 12 month contract can I take the hub with me if I move house?

If I order Three Broadband, can I keep my current broadband service running in parallel?

Do you inform my current provider that I want to cancel and sign up to Three Broadband or do I?

The mobile signal in my property is quite poor. Will this reflect the speeds I can expect or the quality of service?

What are the upload speeds of your service?

I want to sign up for Three Broadband but don't have a UK bank account, can I still be a customer?

I tried to order Three Broadband but I received a message about you being unable to do credit check, what should I do next?

Can the weather affect my service?

What if I’m not happy with my service?

If I sign up for a 12 month contract, but need to cancel early, what is the termination fee?

What does your Acceptable Use Policy mean for me?