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There are no lights lit up on my hub, what should I do?

There are lights on my hub but I cannot connect to the broadband, what should I do?

I think I’ve got a faulty hub. Can I have a new one?

How can I improve buffering?

My service doesn’t always work, is there anything I can do?

I can't connect to any webpage or access the internet, what do I do?

I only get a good connection when I’ve got the window open or place the hub outside. Is this right?

I can't access a particular webpage, what should I do?

My speeds vary throughout the day. Why is this?

How many devices can I have connected at once?

Can I use a different SIM card in the Three Broadband Hub?

Can I use my Three Broadband SIM card in a different hub?

How do I access my Three Broadband Hub Homepage page?

How do I connect my devices to the Three Broadband hub?

There seems to be something missing for my hub, what should I do?

Is there currently an outage in my area?

Which operating systems do you support?

Is the Three Broadband Hub compatible with VoIP?

For information on any ongoing broadband issues or outages visit our Three Broadband network status page