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I feel I need extra support from Three Broadband due to my circumstances

I’d like to add another service (such as account settings or a static IP address) to my existing account, how do I do this?

How do I set up or change a direct debit?

How do I check my bill or view a past bill?

Why is my first bill more than the monthly charge I signed up for?

When will I receive my next bill?

What are my charges this month?

I’ve left Three Broadband and want to view an old bill, how do I do this?

I'm moving to an area that is not covered by Three Broadband, what do I need to do?

How do I transfer the name of the owner on my account?

How do I cancel my contract with you?

I have cancelled my account with you, and returned my hub, but you are still sending me bills. Why is this happening?

I want to leave Three Broadband, do I need to return the hub?

How do I return the broadband hub?

What is an Acceptable Use Policy?

Does the Acceptable Use Policy limit my usage now?

I regularly stream video via Netflix/Amazon, will I be affected by the Acceptable Use Policy?

My contract is coming to an end, if I renew, will I face increased prices?