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Relish is now
Three Broadband

Here we answer all your questions about the change.


What’s changed now that you're Three Broadband?

Why are you changing to Three Broadband?

What does this change mean for Relish?

Now that you are owned by Three, will my service improve or change?

I am a Three mobile customer. Will this impact the plan/contract/tariff I am on?

Does this mean you will now offer your service to all areas which Three covers and not just London & Swindon?

Will I now be able to use the Three network for my Relish hub and vice-versa?

Do you have any more expansion plans for the next 12-24 months, such as reaching into other areas outside of London/Swindon?

Who do I contact now when I have an issue with my Three Broadband service?

Can I get help from a Three Store for technical or billing issues?

Can I now buy a Three Broadband hub or contract from a Three Store or on the Three website?

I am a Three Mobile customer, can I use my mobile sim in my broadband hub?

I am a Three Mobile customer, do I have to login separately to My Account and My3?

Can I now be expecting any added benefits from Three?

I don’t want to be a Three customer, what can I do?

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