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There are no lights lit up on my hub, what should I do?

There are lights on my hub but I cannot connect to the broadband, what should I do?

I think I have a faulty hub. Can I have a new one?

I can't connect to any webpage or access the internet, what do I do?

I can't access a particular webpage, what should I do?

We get very good speeds most the time, but sometimes the speed goes down, what can I do?

How many devices can I have connected at once?

Can I use a different SIM card in the Three Broadband Hub?

How do I access my Three Broadband Hub Homepage page?

How do I connect my devices to the Three Broadband Hub?

Is there currently an outage in my area?

Which operating systems do you support?

Is the Three Broadband Hub compatible with VoIP?

I am struggling to connect to Sky, is this a known issue?

For information on any ongoing broadband issues or outages visit our Three Broadband network status page