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Where should I place my indoor hub?

Whether you’re on our 4G or 5G service, the placement of your hub is mighty important. On the hub box you’ll see our steps for how to set up your hub. As this is wireless technology there needs to be a clear line of site for the hub and no electronic equipment such as microwaves or baby monitors nearby. These could interfere with the signal. The hub needs to be next to the window (on the windowsill if possible). 

If you have our 4G Verve hub then please make sure the Relish logo is pointing out of the window. You need to make sure there are no curtains, blinds or pot plants in the way. 

If you’ve run through all these steps and still need help improving the speeds please call our team on 0330 686 8000, they’ll be able to tell you the perfect position to place your hub.

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